What is Virtual Controller Key and it's significance in the IAP cluster?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment         This article applies to Aruba Instant Access Points managed by Aruba Central



Virtual-controller-key is per Instant cluster and is used to identify a IAP group on Aruba Central.  Aruba Central, looks for this key every time a virtual controller comes up in order to identify the AP-Group and thereby push the existing configuration.

As said above, this key is per cluster and all the 
member IAPs share the same virtual-controller-key. This helps Aruba Central to identify the groups, when the current master IAP goes down, the member IAP takes the role of virtual controller.


If the IAP is talking to Aruba Central for the first time, then it would not have the virtual-controller-key in the database and thereby gives an option to Import the configuration from a new group.  

Resetting all the IAPs in the cluster to factory default, will help the cluster to obtain a completely different virtual-controller-key.


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