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Why do Client inventory reports shows same vendor multiple times below “SESSION DATA BY MAC VENDOR”?


Why do Aruba Central Client inventory report shows same vendor multiple times below “SESSION DATA BY MAC VENDOR”?


Aruba refers the IEEE standard OUI list for identifying the vendors.

IEEE publishes the OUI list and it is widely used in the industry.


Considering the below example of a sample inventory report we can find  more than 1 entry for Zebra, Fortinet and HPE.


Client count by vendors      
Vendor Count Percentage  
Fortinet Inc. 3 3.41  
Zebra Technologies Inc 4 4.55  
Fortinet, Inc. 1 1.14  
Apple, Inc. 2 2.27  
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 5 5.68  
Hewlett Packard 22 25  
Zebra Technologies Inc. 1 1.14  


As per the IEEE OUI list, the OUI of Zebra Technologies would be listed as below.


Vendor Name OUI base 16 Address
Zebra Technologies Inc. 94FB29 Zebra Technologies Inc. ONE ZEBRA PLAZA HOLTSVILLE NY 11742 US
Zebra Technologies Inc 002368 Zebra Technologies Inc 475 Half Day Road Lincolnshire IL 60069 US
Zebra Technologies Corp. 00074D Zebra Technologies Corp. 333 Corporate Woods Parkway Vernon Hills IL 60061 US


The device's mac address will start with these numbers and the companies would  register their OUI in this manner.

So we will be able to see same vendor multiple times in the inventory report as per the OUI.

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