Why do I see an alert : "Maximum capacity reached on an AP" on Instant AP?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question: Why do I see an alert : "Maximum capacity reached on an AP" on Instant AP?


Environment: This article applies to Aruba Instant Access Points running InstantOS.


An alert that say "Maximum capacity reached on an AP" shows up on Instant AP web interface when number of clients connected exceed the configured "maximum client threshold" in the SSID advance settings.





The alert is applicable on an SSID and it actually states that the Instant AP has reached maximum capacity and cannot accommodate any more clients.  But the AP would accept clients on any other SSID that is being broadcasted and had not exceeded the respective "max client threshold" in its SSID profile.

Starting from version 3.2, Instant allows you to configure maximum clients for each SSID. The supported range is 0 - 255 and the default value is 64.



Below screenshots show the Web UI and CLI configuration for "Max clients threshold":

1. Edit an existing SSID or while creating a new SSID, click on "Show Advance Options" on WLAN Setting page.






From CLI:





Below shown table is from Instant User Guide, that displays a list of alerts that are generated on AP:



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