Why do my clients not get an IP address in an IAP-VPN setup (Distributed L2 DHCP configuration) even when the subnet range and client count is configured on the Virtual Controller?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all the IAPs running OS version and above.


Clients do not get an IP address even when a valid network range and client count is configured on the IAP.


Network range not defined keeping in mind the logic used by the IAP to calculate the starting IP address for the clients.


Configuring a correct network range resolves the problem.



Let us try to understand this with an example:

Suppose the IP-range is – and the client count configured on the IAP is 20. In this case we will not get any valid subnet for the branch.

This is because of the following logic that the IAP uses to calculate the starting ip address for a client using Distributed,L2:

Start IP for the branch subnet for Distributed,L2 should be a multiple of client count. Since is the lowest IP address that is multiple of 2 0(client-count) in that given IP-range, the branch should be getting the subnet range as –

If we make the network range to –, we will get a valid branch subnet for 20 clients as –

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