Why do some mobile hotspots show up as false rogue devices?


Why do some mobile hotspots show up as false rogue devices? 


Sometimes, we can see a mobile hotspot getting detected as a rogue AP, even though the mobile hotspot does not have any wired connectivity to the network. 

This can happen when Mobile devices connect to Aruba WiFi and then turn on hotspot on the same device. When the device is initially connected to Aruba WiFi, traffic from this MAC address passes through the wired side of IAP, AP or Controller. When the same Mobile device turns on hotspot and broadcasts an SSID, it will be seen as an AP on the wireless side. So when the same MAC is seen in the wired traffic and is also seen as an AP, this kind of match will be detected as rogue. 

Hotspot case pattern is that the device has connected to Aruba WiFi as client, and acts as AP later, the rogue Match Type is Eth-Wired-Mac, and the Match MAC is same as its BSSID.

This issue is due to the behavior of how the Mobile hotspots work and there are no options available to uniquely recognize Mobile hotspots. Hence, such false positive rogues can be ignored. 


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