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93 not working but linksys will.... Please help

I am relatively new to Aruba's but do have a couple 105's set up in my office that are working without a hitch. The problem I am having is at a customer's location. I am using one 93.  It will service 3-6 users and 1 Cisco wireless phone,  7921G.  The users are on one SSID 

with employee attributes and the phone is on a different SSID with a static vlan and voice attributes set.  All will connect and pass traffic but will eventually slow to nothing and some will drop. All users are within 30 feet.   I checked the controller and it shows very high noise and high utilization.  I tried all channels in 2.4 with the same results.   The thing I can not wrap my head around is, I can plug in their old linksys router and everyone stays connected without any speed degradation.   Any help is appreciated and please do not hesitate to ask questions. One last thing,  I plugged the 93 into my shop network and all was fine.  I even set up another network on my bench to separate it from the other Aruba's.   It is well within the range of my office AP's.  Even with all the 2.4 interference at my shop,  the 93 in question shows low noise and utilization.   Thanks in advance and sorry for any typos. 

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Re: 93 not working but linksys will.... Please help



-How many SSIDs do you have provisioned on the AP93?

- Do you have "Drop Broadcast and Multicast" enabled on the VirtualAP profile of both WLANs?


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Re: 93 not working but linksys will.... Please help

are you doing trunneled or split traffic ?


you could use some of the commands found here :


Just to see what you can see arround.

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Re: 93 not working but linksys will.... Please help

- 2 SSID's

- To be honest, I am not sure if it is enabled or disabled.  I'll have to verify when I get back to work on Monday.  I can tell you that everything was working on my bench before and after I installed the 93.  I was able to connect wirelessly to the AP with my laptop and with the phone.  Both were working and I was able to make a call on the wireless phone.

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Re: 93 not working but linksys will.... Please help

Would having "Drop Broadcast and Multicast" disabled affect the wireless noise?

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