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AP135 Password Recovery failed

Hello all.  I tried to perform a password recovery on an AP135.  Consoled in, at the "User:" prompt I used "password" and "forgetme!".  It takes me right back to a "User:" prompt.


Any ideas what I'm missing?

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Re: AP135 Password Recovery failed

Are you consoled in to the AP acting as the Virtual Controller?

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: AP135 Password Recovery failed

I sure thought I was.  The install was a little messed up...60 Aruba AP's plugged into Brocade switches.  Brocade switches plugged into Cisco switches.  The Cisco switches were supposed to have the Brocades on their own vlan (that didn't happen).  So 8 of the AP's were able to see each other on the correct vlan and were configured properly.  The rest were isolated and never picked up the correct config.


  I finally go the Cisco's configured properly so all of the AP's are on the same vlan.  They didn't pick up the correct config, so powered them all off except for the one that has a static address (which I assume was acting as the virtual controller).


How would I find out if I can't get into it?

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Re: AP135 Password Recovery failed

So these are IAP135s? Do you know the version running on them?

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Re: AP135 Password Recovery failed

No, they were purchased about a year ago.
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