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Activate Procedure

Hello ; 

One of our customer whom is acting in retail sector , has purchased IAPs + Airwave and Activate solution for their franchising organisation. They have purchased 20xIAP103 for their shops. Activate is a life safer for them with zero-touch deployment model because most shops are in different cities and it is mostly hard to reach systems with a techie. 


Customer has continued to purchase more IAPs to expand the system to more shops. But the problem started after that. We couldnt identified the new APs to the activate system and we are stuck with the procedure. We have opened a case which returning with a reply " We dont know a customer named like that". We have given PO / SO numbers to Aruba and yet no action has been taken. I think some pieces are missing with the system procedure. Also customer is on the edge of purchasing new APs to system , but very frustrated with the case ongoing and asking me "Everytime When i decided to purchase more , should i/you have to open case and/or wait some time to devices to show up in activate ?" , this is a hard question to answer for me. 


Activates is a database and its only function is to track and folderize the APs to group and give them their Airwave IP (in my case). It must not be that hard to add specific APs to (regarding we already have SO/PO numvers) that database. In Activate documents I read that we can see shipment details etc. for further information but yet we couldnt add APs to the system.


To clarify and solve this issue and accelerate in further purchases and not facing with an issue like that ;

-How do we have to act in next purchase ? ( We already gave info to our distributor about that customer has an activate account and these APs should identified into that account ) 

- I have heard about POS reports or something which distributors has send out in periods. Should we wait every time distributor to send out this report and wait activate team to add these devices to specific activate account ?

- Vendor country team , distributor or reseller , which is responsible for what actions ? My only goal is to deliver quickest service to my customer not to wait days for any single device`s (which has already purchased) serial/MAC/PO/SO or whatsoever has imported to a database (Activate).


It must not that be hard or am i too imaginary person ?!





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Re: Activate Procedure

You definitely need to work with your Aruba team on this.


| Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security | @timcappalli | |

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Re: Activate Procedure

If you don't want to wait, you can add all of the access points you purchased by booting them and finding their cloud activation key:


As Cappalli said, you need to really resolve this with your Aruba Sales Person.


*Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.*
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Re: Activate Procedure

Thanks for your answers. Good to know that there are already manual methods to cover this issue. We are already working with Aruba Sales team but in my opinion it seems there is uncertainity at the back-office issues. This is just a friendly feedback to Aruba , struggling on such an easy subject like this is not the thing we used to see from Aruba label before.

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