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Airwave multisite Instant deployment

Hello Airheads, 

It is my first time doing an instant multi-site deployment and I need some of your professional help.


I have a system containing 70 different sites in remote locations, each with one or more IAP 103 devices and an Airwave to manage all. These devices will share the same configurations ( SSIDs, psks etc..) but guests on each remote site need to be in a different DHCP scope (since they are on different networks).


I manually entered static IP allocations for each IAP according to the site and also Airwave IP and a common shared key for all.


Now the problem is this:

1) Can I have more than 1 instant controller in each group? ( in order to commonly manage configuration since this must be the same for all)

2) Can the Instant IAP be configured to get dhcp for guest from Airwave? If so can Airwave allocate different dhcp scopes for the same group? 


I would like to have all instant Virtual controller IAPs in the same group since I need to be able to do bulk editing. Will this still be possiile as dhcp pool for guest users for all the diferent remote site sis different?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Airwave multisite Instant deployment

Yes this is definitely possible! Take a look at the doc below. Specifically chapter 3 about template configuration.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
@timcappalli | | ACMX #367 / ACCX #480
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Re: Airwave multisite Instant deployment

If I can understand correctly I may do group focus for settings that include all the VC's in the group and just select a particual VC and I can change specifc settings only for a seleceted specific VC.

However I have a problem with the DHCP local scopes.
I need to have specific DHCP scopes for each different VC.
I have set the instant Ap client ip settings to - managed by the virtual controller (not network assigned).
I have set a local DHCP scope for the different VC.

When I connect in any site I am being given a link local address ( 174.... ) and not an address defined in the DHCP pool.


Any ideas please?

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Re: Airwave multisite Instant deployment

if you check the config on the IAP VC cluster itself, does the right DHCP scope exist?


does the config seem fine on Airwave, or do you have config mismatch?

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Re: Airwave multisite Instant deployment

How is your wired network on each of these sites? Is it a flat subnet with only one VLAN and accessports?


In that case, it would be easier to create a virtual assigned scope for your guests and they will be NAT:ed out from the APs IP-address. This way you can have the same configuration on every site. If you choose local scopes with a VLAN tag you'll have to handle that VLAN on your wired infrastructure aswell.

Christoffer Jacobsson | Aranya AB
Aruba Partner Ambassador
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