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Apple TV mirroring

Hello Airheads, 


Listen I am in a bind. I have looked over the Airheads site and I am trying to find out why I can't mirror on my Aruba Instant Network? I have multiple Apple TVs on our network and I can see them, so they are broadcasting. The moment I want to mirror the device from an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook I get an error about not being to connect. So Frustrating. I have seen multiple posts about switching to IP v6, or Using Airgroup but I noteced the posts are very old. Like two years ago or even more. Was this issue ever resolved? Any suggestions would be great. I have the latest instant firmware installed and all my apple devices are up to date. Ugh. Thanks gang. 


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Re: Apple TV mirroring

Are the devices and the Apple TV on the same subnet?


You can:


- Make sure on the SSID under advanced broadcast filtering is set to disabled

- Disable Airgroup

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Re: Apple TV mirroring



I tried this and when I diabled the AirGroup toggle switch, I could not see the devices on the network anymore!?!!? Do you think there is a NAT problem? Can there be NAT? 


Any suggestions work for me because IT AIN"T WORKING NOW!


All ears. 


- Jean-Claude


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