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Aruba IAP Walled Garden

Hi Guys. Just trying to configure Walled garden on Aruba IAP325 (version for one of the customers. They have multiple SSID for different purposes (Corporate, Guest & so on). On one of the SSIDs, they want to implement walled garden thing (unauthenticated users have access to limited resources only and authenticated users have premium access). While adding addresses in whitelist, I can see same walled garden profile is applied to all SSID.

Does that mean all unauthenticated users will have access to the resources defined in whitelist and for SSIDs with L2 authentication (802.1x or PSK), though we have this walled garden stuff appearing in the SSID profile, it wont have any effect on those SSIDs? Also, if we enable walled garden for a single SSID, we are essentially enabling it for all captive portal SSIDs?

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Re: Aruba IAP Walled Garden


I work in the Library and currently we have 2 SSIDs (one for staff and one for public). I want to create a new SSID where all my Online Catalogue  stations (station used when looking for a specific collection) will connect. The new SSID will be hidden with security passphrase and should allow connections only to limited URLs that I can define (whitelist). The stations will automatically connect in the morning before the Library opens and the browser will default to our catalogue server. If a patron plays with the station and changed the url it should display like 'the site is blocked due to policy set by the administrator' and goes back to the default site. I want to whitelist up to 7 urls/domain related to our catalogue. I don't know how to set-up the walled garden feature in Airwave. Can somebody here help me how to set this up? My IAP is still in and my Airwave is in


Thank you.



Re: Aruba IAP Walled Garden

Are you using templates or IGC in AirWave?

Did you consult the section of walled garden access configuration in user guide? I am pasting its screenshot here!

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