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Best Practices for IAP-275 outdoor mesh



I want to setup an outdoor mesh network using the IAP-275. I know it'll mesh on the 5GHz band, but I also need to provide WiFi on the 5GHz band. From the ACMP course I know it should do so, but is it recommended? The network will only be used by a few handheld scanners.


Is it also necessary to have LoS or is it just best to make sure there is and what's the recommended maximum distance when LoS if available?


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Re: Best Practices for IAP-275 outdoor mesh

you can do both mesh and client access on 5Ghz. If the client load or bandwidth is low, you should be fine. If there is a need for high bandwidth or more than 10-12 clients, 5Ghz should be reserved for mesh only (on IAP you would just make the VAP 2.4Ghz only).


LoS is preferred, but if the distance is short you might be able to get away with no LoS, but it's not recommended and performance may be poor.

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