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Captive portal pop up - windows 10

I've configured a Guest SSID on IAP cluster and intergated with Clearpass guest. When I access the SSID there is no Popup for the captive portal windows 10 machine but im able to access the login page via web browser.


works fine though for android and ios devices. 





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Re: Captive portal pop up - windows 10

Does the windows 10 machine is getting DNS address properly?

Daniel Méndez Vargas

Re: Captive portal pop up - windows 10

Hi ,

Yes it is getting the correct dns.
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Re: Captive portal pop up - windows 10

Did you ever find a fix for this?  I'm having the exact same issue! Captive portal works in pretty much every other device we have, but I haven't been able to get Windows 10 to automatically display the captive portal.  When I do a wireshark capture, I can see Windows make the http request to, and I would think it would be blocked and receive the captive portal then, but it doesn't because when I follow the session it actually returns a valid response "Microsoft Connect Test". 


To me, it's almost like the connect test fires off before the AP can apply the ACL to the session, thus allowing the traffic for a split second so Windows thinks there is no captive portal.

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