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Cellular Uplink Profile


my customer wants an IAP use uplink to 4g network through zte mf90 modem.

what i want to know is, the value (example of value) of what i need to insert under 'cellular uplink profile' command.

i know the dial number like *99#, and other value like the ATDCGDCONT=1, but i don't know where to put those.

i also don't know if any other parameter should or should not be given any value, like the usb_tty, or puk number, or else.

i'm using rap3wn, the latest ED IAP OS Orion
i'm also aware of mf90 type which is not listed on the supported device, but i tried it to 650 controller and it works just fine.

i believe somehow it will also work on rap3wn, and i think i'm already close. i think i just need to put the value at the right place.

thanks. i appreciate it so much if somebody helps.

ps: i'm in indonesia, the 4g isp is named BOLT SUPER 4G.
i set the country code to SG.

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Bernhard Hustomo
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Re: Cellular Uplink Profile

Hi Bernhard

please share the config you used when it was working on the 650 controller. PUK is not required.




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Re: Cellular Uplink Profile

Whoa, I did not save the show running-config back there when I used the 650 controller. Now the controller no longer in my lab. But, I did save some outputs:

Bolt Modem properties

Uplink Management Table


USB TTY test

show uplink

controller with rap3wn

device identifier bolt

show ip route


Thank you again.


PS: back there I used 'smartfren' card and the original 'bolt' sim card in the ZTE modem, so you might find out different successful dial number.

Bernhard Hustomo
Mobile: +6289697965359
LINE ID: ber23empat

Re: Cellular Uplink Profile

hi Bernhard

sorry for delay, I have been out of office on vacation


One odd thing is that the driver should be option, not hso and not sierra. I am a bit surprsied it came up on the sierra driver but the older sierra code is based on option so it's possible.


But, it seems for the rap3, the ZTE card is up and running, just in standby state:

(Aruba3200) #show ap debug usb ap-name rap-3wn

USB Information
Parameter                 Value
---------                 -----
+CSQ                       31,99
Product                    ZTE
Serial Number
Driver                     sierra
Vendor ID                  19d2
Product ID                 0448
USB Modem State            Standby
USB Uplink RSSI(in dBm)    -51

(Aruba3200) #


since the above suggests the card is ready but in standby - please confirm the rest of the config, i.e. the dial string and also what happens when you remove the ethernet and/or raise the cellular connection to a higher priority





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