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Central licensing

Hello all.


I have been doing some testing with Aruba Central and have found the following:


- If you create a Instant cluster with say 2 x IAP 215 and 6 x IAP 205 you only actually need 2 x Aruba Central licenses. The reason being, from what I can see, Aruba Central works on licensing AP's that are acting as Virtual Controllers. As I have 2 x IAP 215's in the cluster, one of the 215's will always be the VC by default. If one goes offline the other will take over.


From my testing, this works. Is there any reason why I would want to purchase 8 x Central licenses, other than getting advanced hardware replacement...this can be purchased with standard support.


Reason I ask is, if I had say 46 x Instant 205's plus 4 x 215 or 225's in a cluster, this would mean I only need 4 x Central licenses instead of 50.




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Re: Central licensing

You need 1 Aruba Central subscription per AP. So for a 50 AP cluster, you need 50 AP subscriptions, regardless how many clusters, VC, or whatever.

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Re: Central licensing

there will be a check on this in future, so kindly buy subscription/license for all the APs you intend to deploy, including masters and slave.

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