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Change pre-shared secret on IAP and AirWave

I think the pre-shared secret we have in our DHCP option 43 is different than what AirWave has for its AP Group.  Is there a way to verify what the pre-shared key is for the AP Group in AirWave?  If I can't verify is there a way to change the pre-shared key in AirWave for the specific AP Group?

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Re: Change pre-shared secret on IAP and AirWave

Click on the VC -> then manage and you will see this.

At which point you can change it.



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Re: Change pre-shared secret on IAP and AirWave

Thanks Pasquale!!  This solved my problem!



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Re: Change pre-shared secret on IAP and AirWave

Sorry to rekindle an old thread, but this is exactly what I need to begin adding the HP/Aruba 2920 swithes into Airwave for mgmt.   The problem is that on the VC (which I assume in 8.2.1 is Device Setup --> Communication), I have no option to set a shared secret.  Am I looking in the wrong place?



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Re: Change pre-shared secret on IAP and AirWave



Are you trying to add Aruba switches or IAPs to Airwave? If you are trying to Aruba switches, we dont need shared secret key, need to configure community string in switch first and then go to Devices setup >Add page to manually add the devices.


In Devices setup>communication page, if you provide details here it will be global i.e when you try to add manually the device from Device setup > add page, the details will pop automatically here, so you dont need to add manually all the details for multipile devices.




If you have ten controllers with same community and SSH details, proivde details in communication page, this details will automaitcally pop while adding device manually, you dont need to add details again for each device.


If you planning to add IAP to Airwave, proivde Airwave ip and shared secret key details in IAP, Airwave will automatically detect the device.




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