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Clustering IAP

Dear Airheads Member,

I am new in Aruba Technology and this is a First Post.

I have some issue for one Enterprise. We have AP303 Series.
For this, we don't use Controller. Just deploy IAP by clustering. Two question.
1.Can I cluster for Master AP? Master(Primary), Master(Secondary) to All slave.
2.If don't, how should I configure Master and Slave configuration? I don't want to become Master in one of  slave AP if Master fail. I want static Master to one Slave AP if Master fail.   

I know some knowledge that I need static IP for All AP. I need to assign one of AP (Fast Boot or Preferred Master). If Master fail, I want to be Static Master(Secondary AP), not random. How to check which slave to become Master?

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Re: Clustering IAP

The Master/Slave concept within IAP is that there is a single AP which is either automatically selected as the Master or configured as the Preferred Master then all remaining IAPs within the cluster are slaves.


You do not need to configure each IAP with a with a static IP, it is easier to deploy and manage IAPs if they obtain an IP address via DHCP. You do however need to allocate a single IP which will be used by the Virtual Controller.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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