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Can someone please explain clustering to me and how it works?  I don't see anything in Aruba Central that deals with a "Cluster".

Basically I have 10 IAPs that will be deployed in our main HQ on VLAN1 (  Each SSID will have a different VLAN (100, 110, 120, etc...) and the networks and switching side have already been built, configured and they're working fine. 

At each remote site will be 2 or 3 IAPs that will use the same SSIDs, but will be on a different network (  I was told I need to build out different clusters for each site, but I have no idea how to do this... can someone please help?



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Re: Clustering

Please see all of the videos here:


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Re: Clustering

IAP Cluster:

All IAPs in same layer 2 domain will automtically join a group known as cluster. 


Plug in the first IAP and configure it (Master IAP).

Add the remaining IAPs in the same layer 2 domain (Slave IAPs).

The configuration will be synched from Master IAP to Slave IAPs 


Repeat the same procedure for remote site where you have 2-3 IAPs

Refer to the video link posted by "cjoseph" above