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Configuring a point to point Mesh link in Aruba Central



I have tested a p2p mesh link between an IAP 305 and 303H using Aruba Central.

Internet -> Switich -> IAP305 ---- Mesh Link ---- AP303H --- Client


Here is the step by step guide:


1. Connect both APs to the same L2 network (same VLAN):central Mesh 1.png








2. Upgrade firmware to recommended release:

Central Mesh2.png

3. Disable "Extended SSID":

Central Mesh3.png

4.  Disconnect the AP 303H and wait 5 minutes, AP will connect via Mesh.  Mesh, by default within IAP, will share the 5Ghz for backhaul and client access.

Central Mesh 5.png5. Test WiFi, it works!




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