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Controller 620 And AP 215 Licenses

Hello friends, A while ago I bought 620-controller and ap-215 from EBAY shop. These products are used. Since I can not find the licenses for these products, the ap status is 2IL. How to survive in this situation. How to find licenses I live in turkey. Controller US by the way Thank you for your interest already.

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Re: Controller 620 And AP 215 Licenses

Get on the commandline and type "dir" to see if there is a file called "flashbackup.tar.gz".  If there is such a file, type "restore flash".  It might have licenses, or not.  It is worth a try.

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Re: Controller 620 And AP 215 Licenses

thank you for you


bu nothin flashtar.gz files :(


Re: Controller 620 And AP 215 Licenses

Login to the controller and type "show license". when it is empty you have to purchase some licences or you can use some trial licence.


But.... when the controller 620 is registered to a owner, only that owner can add licences. This owner membership can only can be changed by contact TAC support. The last owner will be informed and must be agree with change ownership before proceed.



Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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Re: Controller 620 And AP 215 Licenses

Tanhk you for reply


i haven't license. I want to trial license but, i don't know how get a trial license


thank you for help...

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