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Controller of Controllers

Hi Experts,


If we have a huge deployment with Multiple COntrollers, can we have a Master Controller to manage all different Controllers centrally?

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Re: Controller of Controllers

You posted this question in the controllerless forum. Is your question about Instant (controllerless) or controller networks?


If you have many Aruba Instant clusters, you should have a look at Aruba Central (cloud management) or Aruba Airwave if you prefer on-premise solutions.


In case of controllers, you probably want to look at the ArubaOS 8 architecture which as a Mobility Master, which does what you describe. Check here for the ArubaOS 8 Fundamentals Guide.

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Re: Controller of Controllers

Yes, there are several options depending on the ArubaOS version you are running:

- For ArubaOS 6.x: you can configure a master/local setup where the master manages the configuration of the local controllers. You can find more info here (chapters 3 and 5)


- For ArubaOS8: all the config is handled in the Mobility Master. More info here:




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