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Just wondering others thoughts here - we have always used controllers on our sites and office spaces and I have done this for a few years now myself.  We have recently opened a new managed office space with only 8 users.  What are everyones thoughts on how to manage this office?  It is only a requirement to have an internet connection on this site.  To get the coverage would the best idea to bring in an ISP then connect a few IAPs ? 


What would be the best way to manage this when I am not based on this site? Or are there any other options ?




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Re: Controllerless Office Space Thoughts



I would personally go for:
1. Aruba Central

2. Aruba Instant AP


One is more flexible since it is cloud-based and management is easier.

The second, would require to have something to manage them localy, maybe a remote Desktop access with access to Instant AP's, or something similar.



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