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DHCP OPT 43 deleted airwave config

The subject is a console message from an IAP that I'm testing with.  I tagged a vlan on the switch port connected to the IAP, and now I can't get to the IAP and airwave no longer sees it.  It still gets an address from DHCP on the untagged/native vlan, but when I try to connect to it, the browser gets redirected to another IP address on the tagged VLAN.  Anyone seen anything like this?  I can't login via console, it doesn't accept any credentials, which makes me think maybe it's not the master in an IAP cluster.  But there aren't supposed to be any other IAPs on the network.  Below is the relevant conosle output.


ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): bond0: link becomes ready
Dec 31 16:00:23 udhcpc[678]: send_discover: pkt num 1, secs 2
Dec 31 16:00:23 udhcpc[678]: Sending discover...
Dec 31 16:00:23 udhcpc[678]: send_selecting: pkt num 0, secs 0
Dec 31 16:00:23 udhcpc[678]: Sending select for
Dec 31 16:00:23 udhcpc[678]: Lease of obtained, lease time 28800
Dec 31 16:00:24 udhcpc[678]: DHCP OPT 43 deleted airwave config
Starting Webserver




asap_send_elected_master: sent successfully
wait for stm to initialize over
asap_send_elected_master: sent successfully
User: admin
User: admin
User: admin



Re: DHCP OPT 43 deleted airwave config

Two messages I see:


Elected master : means that there is a master VC that is in the network and this IAP has most likely joined that. Hence you can't access the console to this Slave IAP. If this was master VC, then you would see a message like "I am master"


Deleted AirWave: means that it couldn't get the AirWave configuration from DHCP option 43. But this is not a serious error since usually the master VC is the one that would get this and communicate with AW.


Please check if there are any other IAPs up and if that is causing this issues.


Hope this helps,




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Re: DHCP OPT 43 deleted airwave config

Yep, another IAP was on the newly tagged vlan.  Thanks!

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