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DHCP option for IAP to CAP Conversion?

We've been deploying IAP's & CAP's for a while (as well as utilizing Activate).


Is it possible to use local DHCP option for "InstantAP" to trigger CAP conversion?


This would allow customer's who want to buy IAPs for both IAP and CAP sites to single-source a single part number (such as IAP-135-US) for all sites, and we can convert upon initial plug-in...


Is this:   A:) Supported today
               B:) On the Roadmap
               C:) Good idea for an RFE/Idea Portal post...






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Re: DHCP option for IAP to CAP Conversion?

I'm not sure about A or B but would agree with C!



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Re: DHCP option for IAP to CAP Conversion?

Not sure about our roadmap but we can use Activate to convert to a RAP (then you can use AP provisioning on the controller to convert to CAP).

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