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Does IAP support LLDP-MED?

Hello, I can't seem to find a clear answer as to if IAPs support LLDP-MED to negociate PoE wattage more precisely than per device class.


I have a customer using Cisco 802.3at switches with a limited power budget. All ports will have IAP315's and if they take the actual power needed (14.4W according to data sheet) I will be OK. If they announce themselves only as class 4 and make the switch reserve full class 4 power I won't have enough.


I know the the IAPs now support LLDP via the "MAS Integration" feature but not sure if that includes the LLDP-MED enhancements, the manual only talks about "increasing PoE priority".

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Re: Does IAP support LLDP-MED?

Yes they do support LLDP-MED. If you connect them to a switch that supports LLDP you can see the full neighbour detail of the IAP including the system name of it.


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