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Getting started in Aruba Wifi

Hello everyone.

My name is Daniel and I come from Cisco products. Right now my company started to deploy HP products, so I'm looking for documentation to learn.

I'm not sure if the logic is the same, I will have a WLC and APs based on and autonomous too? Can you please share some links.

Right now I have to configure one single controller and some APs. 

By other side, I would like to know if ACMA is the first certification in Aruba wireless network and where can I find material to study and get the certification.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Getting started in Aruba Wifi

Howdy Daniel,


I also made the transition from Cisco wireless to Aruba. The ACMA/ACMP trainings are a great way to get up to speed on the differences along the controller architecture. For the ACMA/ACMP, there are ebook study guides available on Kindle and other readers. There's also instructor led trainings, including a bootcamp that covers both the ACMA and ACMP material in one 5-day class.


For your autonomous APs, the Aruba Instant architecture is more comparable. There are some Instant training material available and linked to from the forum. 

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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Re: Getting started in Aruba Wifi

Here is some free training on Aruba IAPs (Instant APs)

If you can't get any training right away, I suggest going through some of the VRDs (Validated Reference Designs)
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