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HA Configuration

Moving from VRRP to HA.


Does editing the AP system profile lms-ip and bkup-lms-ip cause APs to reboot?


Should I modify LMS holddown period to match, or be close to, vrrp preemption delay?

Did some testing in my lab, and with default LMS holddown (600s), and a VRRP preemption delay of 30s, I was getting some inconsistent output. AP seems to be still passing traffic; however, showing down in Network Summary. When I changed LMS preemption to 30s this no longer happened.

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Re: HA Configuration

Hi Damien,


Any change in LMS IP will cause the AP to move to the controller whose IP is defined in the LMS parameter.


Please provide more information regarding the topology present on the network.


1. Is it a master-local pair or master-master controller pair ?

2. Firmware version running on the controller.


in case of master-master redudancy , 


  1. AP connects to Master controller and terminates standby tunnel on standby-master controller.
  2. If master controller reboots at this point, vrrp state on standby master changes from backup to Master. By default it takes three second, but it can be configured under VRRP.
  3. On detecting 8 consecutive heartbeat failure with master controller, APs will initiate failover.
  4. APs standby tunnel on standby master becomes Active.
  5. Once original master controller is backup and if VRRP and HA preemption is enabled, APs will move back to original Master.

APs will not wait for LMS Hold Down timer to expire before they move due to the VRP state change on the standby.

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