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Hair-pinning Over Magic VLAN

Is there a way to add DNS while using the guest wireless on the Aruba access points? Reason we have some developers who have created a website that sits insdie the network. DDNS allows the public internet to access this server no problem. Once a user on the network connects to the Aruba Guest wifi and tries to access this website it fails. The Aruba AP sits on the same switch as the web server but on a different subnet. So server is 10.x.0.x with DDNS name of and AP is 10.x.2.x with the guest giving out 172.x.x.x. When a user connects to the guest and gets a 172.x.x.x address and trys to connect to, the request goes out of the AP thru the switch out of the router and then right back in. This causes the request to fail. if a user from outside the network makes that same request, it works fine. So is there a way to add a static DNS to Arubas Maigc VLAN 3333?

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Re: Hair-pinning Over Magic VLAN

Maybe you could look into adding a route on your router for the traffic?

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