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High Error FPS on AP

I have an IAP environment running where one of the APs is frequently reporting over 10K error FPS on 2.4GHz (error FPS on 5GHz is negligible) and all APs are configured to use adaptive radio management.  What’s the best way to troubleshoot this before I contact support?


show stats ap for the AP is attached.



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Re: High Error FPS on AP

I cannot see the columns because of the wide formatting.  If you have good coverage, I would change my ARM minimum power to 12 and maximum to 15 to reduce some co-channel interference.


2.4ghz will always have more interference, because there are only 3  or 4 non-overlapping channels (5ghz can have up to 23).  If your clients are not on 5ghz now, please encourage them to have 5ghz capable devices.  Meanwhile, you can reduce power, or make sure you are not running too many SSIDS.

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