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How often do MIB tables update?



I have an IAP-215 integrated into a mobile device that needs to support generation of some more complicated wireless networks (hench using an AP instead of a router).


As part of this we are trying to do frequent queries to the AP for status of the RF environment and any connected clients.

We found that scripts logging in to the AP (telnet/ssh) can take significant time to take and we have to screen-scrap and parse the output.

An SNMP connection is established much faster and has clearly structured output that makes parsing safer, but have run into an issue where is looks like SNMP tables take a lot of time to update.

If I change current channel , its takes several seconds to reflect it in SNMP command.  Via the CLI, the table is updated almost instantly.


Its taking only 1 or 2 second sometimes ,  but sometimes its goes to 10 – 25 seconds which which is much longer than we need.


How long does it take the MIBS/OIDS to update?  Is there anyway to change this update time so that we can have real-time information?


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Re: How often do MIB tables update?

Still curious on this.  How long does it take for the MIB table to update there information.

For example:






As a very specific example, we have seen that when we change channels on the IAP that the "aiRadioChannel" SNRP command can take up to 25 seconds to updated.  However, if we check using the CLI, the information is updated instantly.


How long does it take for the SNMP tables to update?  Can we change or configure this refresh time in any way?



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