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How to create a new virtual controller

Hi everybody,


We have one virtual controller and 13 AP92 behind it.

We are in 2.4 Ghz, but we also need to create a  5 Ghz wifi.

As I know, Ap 92 can work in 2.4 or 5, but not in the two RF in same time.

Is anybody can explain how to put some AP92 in 2.4 and others in 5.

I think it's necessary to create a new virtual controller?


Thanks in advance.




Re: How to create a new virtual controller

No need to (and no way to) make a new VC in the same cluster.

Rather than running two whole clusters, I'd just use the AP-specific configuration to turn off the radios you don't want used.

There may well be a better way to do this, but here's my first thought:

In the AP section of the GUI, click on an AP and click on the "edit" menu to put one radio in access and the other in monitor.



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Re: How to create a new virtual controller


Good answer.


Thanks a lot

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