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How to force disconnect a client in Aruba Central

I have two networks, one I have setup in the Aruba Centtral demo and one is not.


I needed to change a password for an SSID. The virtual controller not connected to Aruba Central allows me to click on a client, and then the x to diconnect that particular client.


This is not available in either Virtual controller or Aruba Central interface when you have it setup in Aruba Central.


I found an old post from 2014 that explained to go to console on the AP with the client and run the clear client <mac address> but that command it no longer recognized.


Is there a way to force a client off the network while using Aruba Central?




Re: How to force disconnect a client in Aruba Central

As of now there is no GUI way to do that. You will have to go into IAP CLI and perform a disconnect.


Monitoring > Access Points > List > Look for the Master IAP highlighted in bold.


Click on the Master IAP, on the right top corner is Console button.


Console will prompt you for username (probably admin) and password (the group password).


THen you can execute any of the below:


disconnect-user ?
<addr> addr


PS: The UI change to do this is under works.

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