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IAP-103 AP-303 Compatability

Hi All,  We have an existing deployment of IAP-103s which I know are EOL.  We want to extend the network so we have purchases a batch of AP-303s.  I would prefer to connect both models to the same Instant VC but there doesn't seem to be a common firmware version between them.  the 303s require 8.3 onwards and the 103 support stops in version 6.  Is this correct? Is there any way I can use one instant VC for both models or will I need two clusters, one for each model?

Re: IAP-103 AP-303 Compatability

You will need one for each model, also note they should be L2 separated, as the 303s may discover the 103 VC and hang, and vice versa for the 103s if they reboot may find the 303 VC. There's no elegant way to bring them both up together without some risk in terms of them all talking to different VCs on the same L2.


Jerrod Howard
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Re: IAP-103 AP-303 Compatability

Hi Jerrod, Thats great, thanks for confirming and for the advice re L2.

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