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IAP 105 convert to a campus AP



I ´ve some IAPs and I´ve heard, when I convert one of my IAPs into a campus AP, this is only one way.

Is it right, when I convert an IAP to a campus AP, I can´t convert it back to an Instant AP?


Is there no way, maybe on cli to convert it back?






Re: IAP 105 convert to a campus AP



You can, quite easily. If you hold the reset button (small hole between two of the corner screw holds) while you reboot the AP, it will go back to factory the default settings and OS saved in firmware. I usually hold the reset button for 15 seconds when doing that with mine.

It can change from Instant and Controller based mode (and back again).


read here:




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Re: IAP 105 convert to a campus AP

Ok thanks.


I don´t know where I heard this, but it was an Aruba empoyee who tell me that I only can convert it one time to a campus ap ,but not back! :smileywink:


I´ll test it :smileyvery-happy:

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