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IAP-105 frequent restarts



Can anyone provide some pointers as to why my IAP-105 has out of the blue started to frequently reboot please?


Today, after nearly a year of solid service the single, standalone IAP-105 I run at home has started to reboot after running for anywhere between couple of minutes and a few hours.


After various searches I've run  "show ap debug system-status",  to determine the reboot or crash reason but all entries (Reboot Information/Rebootstrap Information/Rebootstrap LM/Crash Information) report "(none found)" so I'm at a complete dead end. As it is for home use the config is pretty basic and has not been changed for months.


A couple of other pieces of info - I've updated the firmware to but that made no difference.

 The unit is powered using a PoE injector. Unfortunately I don't have a spare to see if it is faulty.


I've experienced the unit rebooting several times now and it appears to being rebooting gracefully as opposed to all LEDs going off at once - first any clients loose wireless connectivity, then 5 seconds or so later the 2 wireless access LEDs turn off from green and a few seconds later the PWR and ENET LEDs go out briefly before the unit boots up again.


Thanks for reading.




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Re: IAP-105 frequent restarts

Reboot reason "none" typically means that the power was cut.  You should try replacing either the 105 or the injector to see if it continues.

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