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IAP-105's not associated to Virtual Controller

Was wondering if anyone knew the root cause of this happening.  We have 5 remote facilities with there own clusters.  Last week we had a employee create a loopback on out network.  After coming back after the Holidays, we noticed 3 AP's had become not associated to the Virtual Controller.  Then today another facility had 8 of 9 AP's do the same thing, after having one our IT guys power cycle one AP, 7 of othe 8 came back on saying there have been up for X amount of days and then obviously the one that got powered cycle has only been up for a few hours.  Then a hour later that last AP came back to be associated but also renewed it's up time like it had been power cycled.  Any known issues with this happening or why?

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Re: IAP-105's not associated to Virtual Controller

There's no logical reason I can think of that would link the first incident you describe with the second. If these are different sites as you suggest, the VC's wouldn't even know about each other.


The first site loop problem could theoretically destabise the IAPs I suppose, potentially resulting in a memory issue. Difficult to be sure. If a reboot clears that, I'd just put it down to experience and concentrate on preventing the loops if possible.


In terms of the second site, I think you should consider the incidents unrelated. VC anomalies could theoretically have different root causes, but display very similar symptoms as a result on the GUI (things missing etc).


This second issue is more strange. If nothing signficant occured to that network around that time, you could try upgrading code? Check your version against the latest for VC communication issues to member IAPs. If nothing jumps out, I'd log it with TAC I think.



Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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