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IAP 115 and external DHCP

is anyone having problems with IAP 115 and external DHCP.


we have two problems

                              we are getting inconssistant addresses being handed out.

                              We switch to internal and as long as we have only 1 ssid the aps will hand out addresses. 

Second problem is when we add a second ssid both internal and external dhcp becomes inconssistant.


I have a similar configuration on AP105 with multiple SSID and no problems


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Re: IAP 115 and external DHCP

Are you connecting to the same switch? If so how is the port configuration for the specific port you are using? Is it set up like the successful 105?


Im not sure how many VLANs  you are passing but as you may know you need your Management VLAN set to native for the trunked port you are connecting to. Then if you have the proper pools configured on the DHCP server you should pull the correct IP.

Re: IAP 115 and external DHCP

PCAP on the uplink port during the problem scenario will help to understand about client and DHCP communication to see why the client was handed over with incorrect ip address. Also as Jamie said, make sure we have the correct VLAN configuration on the uplink switch.

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Re: IAP 115 and external DHCP

 the Iap 105 is at a different site.


The vlans shouldnt be a problem as all of the APs are on the same vlan we were trying to serve up addresses from. We had a trunk, but we switch to a single vlan and still had the same issue. 


It was hit or miss if the addresses were handed over to the wireless client.


we even suspeced the dhcp server,  but it hands out addresses fine to any othe device on that network. 


I will try to check the PCAP on the uplink to see what is going on. I also talked to my SE and he suggested upgrading the FW as the were haveing issues with this version we were running.


I am hoping to upgrade the firmware after eveyone leaves. 




Re: IAP 115 and external DHCP

Thanks much for the update and please keep us posted.
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