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IAP 175 not responding at all after power on

Hello all,


I recently installed an IAP 175 on-site that I can't seem to get to do anything. It has a pair of 2005 omni's for client coverage and a 17dbi 60 degree dual polarity panel for it's backhaul.


The issue I am seeing is this: When I plug in the IAP the P/S light comes on, it then goes through it's boot sequence (blinks red for awhile) until finally R0 and R1's light turns on. Unfortunately, that's all it does. the signal strength meters for R0 and R1 never change, I never see any sort of SSID at all (not the SSID it should be getting as part of it's backhaul, nor the 'instant' SSID when it's not configured) and I'm not sure how to go about diagnosing what's going wrong. I know there is a USB port on the device I can telnet into, but I've played around in the shell before and honestly I don't even know what I'm looking for. 


Any suggestions or advice as to how I might figure out at least what's going on so I can try to fix it and bring this node online?




Re: IAP 175 not responding at all after power on



I spoke to John directly and he's got a path forward.


Also these types of questions are perfect for Aruba Technical Assistance Center on +1.800.WIFI-LAN.    A list of international toll free numbers is available on our web site.


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Re: IAP 175 not responding at all after power on

I might add that Chuck has been fantastic for my project. I've learned a ton from him in the very short time I've spent having a conversation, and in all honesty between the videos he's produced and the time he's spent with me he truly is the reason I went with Aruba over other vendors.  I'm going to try my best not to bug him with things that TAC can solve, but I am confident that if TAC isn't going to solve it these forums and he will make a best effort to make it right!



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