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IAP-205-RW vs IAP-205-US

Hi All,


I've got 2x IAP-205-RW installed aboard a ship.

We are doing cruises in both US and Europe.


Want to buy and install more IAPs.


In US IAP-205-US (restricted) is cheaper than RW version.


I found that on US ones ch. 13,14 will be missing.


What other differencies between them?

Can I use US version with RW within the same network or not?


Re: IAP-205-RW vs IAP-205-US

I don't believe so, no, you should stick with ROW APs if your vessel is mostly either in international waters or outside of the US.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: IAP-205-RW vs IAP-205-US

They are tied to unique regulatory requirements.


US can only be used in the US and can not be a part of a cluster with RW IAPs.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: IAP-205-RW vs IAP-205-US

Thanks for quick answers!

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