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IAP 205 doesn't connect to cluster

Hi everyone.

We have a simple installation with IAP103 and IAP105 in the same cluster.

It is directly connected to the internet through router.

No mobile controllers, etc.

  • When we add IAP205 to the network, it doesn't appear on cluster.
  • But if I connect to IAP205 with web-interface, it directs me to cluster IP.
  • LED's 2.4 and 5GHz are orange.

What can I do to diagnose the problem?

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Re: IAP 205 doesn't connect to cluster


it depends whether all of them are having the Image or not, check that AP 205 also having the same Image as other IAPs.

The default behaviour of any IAP is, when we bring up by uplinking to the internet, it will try to contact Activate and gets a provisioning profile. profile will guide the IAP where it has to join. 


I believe this behaviour is helping your IAP 205 to join some where.

Please feel free if you need some more clarity.


For your ref :


Venu Puduchery,
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Re: IAP 205 doesn't connect to cluster

I suggest you note down the firmware version of your 103/105 cluster, unplug them, plug in your 205, note down the firmware, if different, then upgrade/downgrade to same version as 103/105 and reconnect the 205 to the 103/105 cluster.
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