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IAP-225 LDAP issue



          We have 3 Auruba APs , IAP-105 *2 and IAP-225*1. The IAP-105 put at 10F and 7F. The IAP-225 put at 9F. Like this picture.



          The IAP-225 is the controller now. Yesterday, We set a SSID "RHZ_9F" and use the LDAP authentication .


           Now i was at 9F connect to the "RHZ_9F" , key the username and password always failed to connect. But i was at 10F and 7F connecting to the "RHZ_9F"  the connecting is successful. We try to reboot the IAP-225 and reset the SSID . It's still not to connect ony at the IAP-225.  BTW , The three AP firmware are the lastest . 


          Does anyone have this isuue?

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