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IAP-225 ( and IAP-205 (

I have a IAP 225 which is working fine, and I've just found a IAP-205 in the attic I'd forgotten I had.
Should these be able to work together?


IAP225 is on managment VLAN30, so I have the VC vlan and the uplink port as 30 and I have this tagged on the switch.

Is that correct? Or should I leave them as 0 and set the switchport as untagged 30

I've set an IP on the AP-205, and also changed the VLAN to 30.


Should this work?

As what I'm seeing is the 205 reboot after the IP is changed, and then just keep flashing the powerlight.
I can ping it on the new IP and SSH to it, webbrowsing to the IP address results in me being redirected to the IP of the 225.


Not sure if I'm doing something silly, if this simply won't work or if the fact that one of them is v8 firmware and the other is v6 is an issue....


Any advice very welcome! :)

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Re: IAP-225 ( and IAP-205 (

The latest release supported by an IAP205 is Instant 6.5. So these will not work together unless the 225 is downgraded to Instant 6.5.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: IAP-225 ( and IAP-205 (

Thats pretty much what I'd assumed.

I'll stick the 205 on eBay and try and pickup another 225.

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