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IAP-325 User Capacity



I was wondering how many users does my IAP-325 support?


Is it also possible to switch from AP-325 to IAP-325 or is it just possible to switch from IAP to AP but not the other way around?


Thank you!





Re: IAP-325 User Capacity

The hard limit for clients is 255 per radio.

An AP model cannot be converted to IAP.

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Re: IAP-325 User Capacity

hi faba,

the AP can support up to 255 devices per radio however Aruba VRD documents recommend approx 40 to 60 devices. It will depend on your precise use case. have a look on airheads for VRD (validated reference design) for an appropriate one.

a IAP can be turned into a AP but an AP cannot be turned into a IAP.

if your access point started out in life as a IAP, converted to a AP, then it can revert to being a IAP in future.


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Re: IAP-325 User Capacity

Perfect, thank you so much!

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Re: IAP-325 User Capacity

Hi experts,


If Aruba VRD documents recommend approx 40 to 60 devices per AP and I have an AP with 2 SSIDs and I expect 50 devices in each SSID, does that mean that I might better place other AP? Or the Aruba recommendation is devices per SSID? I would like to read that document, what's the exact name of that VRD?





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Re: IAP-325 User Capacity

It depends on the AP.  Some APs like the 225s, 325s, and 335s are specifically for high user capacity.  The other APs can handle the large volume of traffic but not more than 30 users in a high capcity situation is recommended.

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Re: IAP-325 User Capacity



Yes, I have browsed the "Very High-density 802.11ac networks" VRD and high density APs should support much more than 64 users per radio. The following is an excerpt from that document:


Maximum Associations per Radio
For many years Aruba has recommended using a figure of 150 associations per radio for HD planning. This recommendation has been revalidated for 802.11ac and VHD networks. You should use this value unless special circumstances apply to your deployment.
VHD coverage should always be provided by dual-radio APs. Therefore, this coverage equates to 150 + 150 = 300 associations per AP. However, because 5-GHz is generally expected to have many more users than 2.4-GHz, you want to do your math on a per-radio basis.
When you plan the AP count, do not use the full Aruba capability of 255 associated devices per radio. You must leave extra headroom for the inrush and outrush of devices and poor device roaming behavior.

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