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IAP Cluster Roaming

Hi, how to connect clients between two separate IAP clusters? Is there roaming for client to not use dhcp request again when change AP?


what is the difference between this and if it is under 1 cluster 2 IAP or more?




Re: IAP Cluster Roaming

Within 1 cluster you can roam between AP's because the same L2 vlan exists on every accesspoint. Be aware that after every roam to antorher AP, the client mac-adress moves from 1 switchport to another, when troubleshooting roaming issues keep in mind the mac-learning on the switches.


You can also seemles roam between clusters by enabling L3 mobility:

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Re: IAP Cluster Roaming

I've been wondering...


I have two iAP clusters in a large facility, we split the access points up (48 and 57 along a dividing wall in the building) into to two different "management" VLANs to have two clusters.

Clients are all dropped on the same L2 (VLAN20) and appear to roam without trouble.

Should I consider L3 roaming or is the fact that they're in the same L2 from different clusters still mean that they can roam "seamlessly"??


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Re: IAP Cluster Roaming

When the clients are placed in the same VLAN L3 roaming is not needed because the client can use the same ip address.

However, features like OKC, 11r and client match will not work between the two clusters. So everytime a device roams from cluster a to b a full handshake is done. This can impact the roaming time.

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