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IAP Out Of Band Management

Hi All,


First time post but hopefully someone here can provide some insight on a quick query that I have. 


We have IAP135's that we are getting ready to deploy in the office here with the Aruba instant controller. There are two ports on all of the WAP's and I am wondering if they can be configured with OOB management, for example so that Enet0 is managment only and then all of the data from the SSID's gets tagged and sent out of Enet1


Very much appreciated for any help on this matter.



Re: IAP Out Of Band Management

You can everything thru e0 just make sure you select the native VLAN to be your management
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: IAP Out Of Band Management

Hi Victor,


There is a problem with that for us, as part of global policy  we run "vlan dot1q tag native" on our access switches. This disables any native VLAN on a trunk. This cant really be taken out of our access switches and as a solution I would like to configure OOB management for the IAP's. This way techs can "plug and play" when any of the AP's need replacing or if we need to add any more.

Another problem is that our management VLAN is 4094 and this cannot be configured into the instant controller.



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