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IAP SSID Auth Server randomly reverts to Internal

Lately we have been noticed that sometimes after we make a change to anything related to an SSID on an IAP the Auth server for that SSID will revert from a RADIUS server to Internal Server. 

For example for our Guest SSID i was changing our captive portal address to host name instead of IP and changing the port from 80 to 443. When i hit finished the Auth Server1 server was changed to Internal.


So far it has happened on 115s and 205s running  Before i call TAC and they obligitory tell me to upgrade the firmware.  I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this before.

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Re: IAP SSID Auth Server randomly reverts to Internal

funny enough I have seen the same thing on my IAP-315 version 6.5.4.x code. I thought I was losing my mind...

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