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IAP Setup Changing

Right now we have approx 40 IAP on a flatnetwork (all ip are  For security we have went to a layered network.  Each building has its own set of IP for the wireless network such as (Tech, Band  The Tech bldg has 2 iap and band right now has 1 iap.  I am wanting to remove them off the 172.16 network and place them on the other network all SSID will stay the same right now.  I have been told to just go to one in the band bldg and unplug from switch.  Change port on switch to the appropriate vlan and plug IAP back in and it will be up.  Do I need to do anything to the IAP before I plug back in (like a reset)?  Tried this once and all wifi went down was told I may have meshed the network.  I am putting these all into Airwave to be able to manage them instead of having multiple IAP to configure.  I was wondering if anyone had any good tips for making this run smoothly. Thanks

Re: IAP Setup Changing

If you Access Points are on on dynamic IPa ssignments (DHCP), you can literally unplug and put them in a different VLAN.

The thing you have to keep in mind is each group of access points in the same subnet will form a new cluster and will have its own virtual controller (VC) managing that cluster.

If I was doing that, I would first bring individual clusters up, update virtual-controller-key for each cluster and then add them to Airwave. Depending on your design, you can create a separate folder for each cluster and use templates with variables to maange the configs.

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