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IAP Support trunking?

I have a question about trunking and IAP.

How does the IAP work with multiple SSID's associated to multiple Vlan's ?

such as

SSID:Employee = vlan10, SSID:voice = vlan11, SSID:guest = vlan 666

i Cant find any documentation that mentions this except for the TB which mentions this:


In traditional wireless environments, an SSID is associated with a VLAN. However, Aruba Instant gives operators the option to associate an SSID with a user group, traffic type, or a VLAN. Specifying VLANs on the WLAN automatically enables the required trunking and tagging for the wired network.


Can someone shed some light on this?



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Re: IAP Support trunking?

As long as the switchport connect to the IAP also trunks the VLANs in use by the IAP, it will all work.  The IAP will get it's management IP from the native VLAN (untagged) and then tags user traffic appropriately.

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