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IAP and vlan

Hey, i'm new to Aruba's (and wireless in general) .... how do i configure the native vlan on an Instant AP?


I'd like the VC to be on the same vlan as the clients.

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Re: IAP and vlan

You'll want to configure the native VLAN on the switch port that the AP is connected to. Set the switchport mode to trunk, allow all VLANs you will be dropping user traffic into, and configure the native VLAN to the VLAN you want the AP to get an IP in.


When you are configuring the SSIDs, if you want to drop user traffic into the same VLAN that the AP is in (the native VLAN), choose VLAN 1. This will bridge the clients. Otherwise choose a different VLAN that you trunked to the AP.

Re: IAP and vlan

iap.pngWell on the IAP when you creating a new SSID


Like this  Network assignment  default... it will use the native vlan for the client... 

For example if in the swith you did that in the port you are plugging the IAP the native vlan is vlan 6 for example

If you configure the IAP for the network assignmetn default it will use the native vlan which will be the untagged vlan you are untaggging on that switch

I dont know if that answer your question?


The other thing is that i would put just the Wireless client on a VLAN for them... but then you will need to tag it on each IAP  and click on vlan id and put the ID....


Do you have wired clients on that vlan you want to put the wireless clients? because if you have them is not recommended to have wired and wireless clients on the same vlan

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