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IAP conection problems

Hello, I'm having problems again with a IAP cluster with 4 Aruba AP's.


I have clients in the same office that connects to different AP's, the problem is that one printer is sticked to an AP that's too far away from the office and it receives a low signal and they can't print.


I have min transmit power set to 12 and max transmit power set to 18.


I am attaching some images from different clients connected from the same office and you can see that they are in different AP's.


Is there a way to force the printer to connect to an specific AP? I've tried disconnecting it from the network and when the printer restarts connects again to the same AP with low signal.


Also, I'm attaching my network configuration.


Any help will be really appreciated.

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Re: IAP conection problems


Printers are not really designed to roam, so they will always stick to the first device it discovered until it is no longer available.  You might have to plug the printer in wired, delete the wireless LAN, and re-create  the WLAN when the printer is in the new location.


You could also:

 Try making the ARM maximum transmit power 12 first, before deleting and then re-creating the WLAN on the printer.

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